Nicholas Antaki

Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director
VETS Indexes

  • Closing Remarks

Nicholas Antaki serves as Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director for VETS Indexes where he is charged with promoting the strategic vision and value proposition of the firm. Nick leads the marketing team with a laser focus on executing upon the overall marketing and branding initiatives throughout the many marketplaces in which the firm endeavors. Mr. Antaki joined VETS Indexes in July of 2017 and brings this role seasoned leadership supported by a track record of success.

Nick began his professional career on Wall Street and most recently served as a management consultant to small and growing businesses with a niche focus on market-research firms. Previously, Nick served as the Business Development Manager for a California-based health products company and in a variety of financial services roles with Bernstein Global Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup.

Nicholas acquired both his B.S in Finance and MBA in International Business with honors from The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University. He serves on the Board of Directors and as an Executive Officer of the Tobin Alumni Association is involved with more than a dozen philanthropic organizations. Nicholas also maintains several ministries at his Church and is active in his community. He is passionate about Impact Investing, Microfinance, Philanthropic Finance, Venture Philanthropy, Social Entrepreneurship and all innovative forms of using the power of business for good while doing well at the same time.