Lida Citroën

CEO and Founder

  • BREAKOUT 1, OPTION 1 | How To: Help Your Veteran Employees Network Better

Lida Citroën is an award-winning executive coach, and personal branding/reputation management authority helping global executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders manage how they’re perceived. She has helped thousands of individuals in 30+ countries gain a fresh perspective on how to craft a personal brand that tells the right story to the right people about who they are.

A passionate supporter of the military community, since 2009 Lida has helped veterans transitioning to civilian careers, assisted employers who seek to hire military talent. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors at Project Sanctuary. Her work with veterans comes from gratitude for their sacrifice.

She is a popular speaker at military installations and events on veteran hiring and teaches in the TAP program at the US Air Force Academy, Student Veterans of America, the IVMF at Syracuse University, GE Healthcare, The Walt Disney Company, Abbott, SHRM, and others. She is a regular writer for and and appears in international media, often sharing her expertise in military transition.

As a professional keynote speaker and presenter, Lida’s popular TEDx Talk, Talks at Google presentation, and numerous courses on LinkedIn Learning showcase her empowering coaching style and message. She teaches professionals to take control of their narrative and build a personal brand that supports their business. She is also a faculty member for the Institute for Management Studies, presenting seminars throughout the United States.