Lacey Raymond


  • Finding Military Spouse Talent through Government Programs and Other Resources

Lacey Raymond is Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP leading strategic transformations within the Department of Defense. She focuses on driving impact through client services within OSD, delivering strategy development and implementation, organizational design, and business optimization. She also leads external affairs for Deloitte’s Military Spouse Initiative, a program that supports, attracts, and retains high-talent military spouses through transition support and career development.

She has over 12 years of experience in military readiness, program management and resource analysis at the highest levels of government. She has led the readiness analytic cell in the Defense Department and has authored several strategic policy documents for the Secretary of Defense and various Congressional defense committees. Her last position held within DoD was serving as the Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense advising on the P&R, CIO, and (former) CMO portfolios.

Lacey has conducted cost savings and productivity gains analysis across DoD lines of business, including medical, IT, human resources, real property and logistics. She is an active duty military spouse.