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Welcome and Opening Remarks


Morning Keynote

5-Star Employer Best Practices: Creating a veteran-inclusive culture

When they transition out of the military, veterans must mold themselves to fit into corporate culture. But the best veteran employers mold their organizations as well, to be a better fit for veterans. This panel will explore how training of nonveteran employees, employee resource groups, and other factors can make your organization more veteran-inclusive.

Morning Break and Networking Session

How to build the best veteran recruiting team

As more employers recognize the value of veteran talent, organizations must compete harder than ever to recruit veterans. This panel will discuss the various approaches companies take to veteran recruiting, considering the benefits and drawbacks to a dedicated veteran recruiting team, the number of recruiters companies use, how the recruiting team is trained in military-related issues, and other factors.

1:30pm-2:10pm – BREAKOUT 1 | OPTION 1
How to better identify your organization’s military employees

One of the first steps to becoming a great employer for veterans and the military-connected community is knowing your military-connected employees, but that’s sometimes easier said than done. Some military-connected employees are hesitant to identify themselves, some employees who are military-connected don’t think of themselves as such, and some employers are hesitant to ask about military-connected status. We will discuss these challenges and ways to overcome them.

1:30pm-2:10pm – BREAKOUT 1 | OPTION 2
Tailoring recruiting and retention efforts for military spouses

Veterans and military spouses are often grouped together in employer diversity initiatives, as they represent inter-connected communities and both face employment challenges. But while there is some overlap, military spouses face employment challenges that are often very different from those of veterans. This panel will explore the similarities and differences between the groups and how employers can design recruiting and retention programs tailored specifically for military spouses.

Afternoon Break & Networking Session

2:30pm-3:10pm – BREAKOUT 2 | OPTION 1
Diverse in more ways than one: Veterans and ethnic diversity, the disabled community, LGBTQ+

While employers are increasingly recognizing veteran status as a priority category in their efforts to create a diverse workforce, many organizations haven’t yet recognized that veterans often function as diversity hires in more ways than one. The U.S. military is one of the most ethnically diverse employers in the country, many veterans leave the military with a disability rating, and veterans are also sometimes members of the LGBTQ community and other diverse categories that employers may not always expect. In this panel, we will explore how veteran hiring can benefit your organization’s larger diversity efforts.

2:30pm-3:10pm – BREAKOUT 2 | OPTION 2
National Guard and Reserve employees: Protecting their rights — and your organization’s legal liability

By hiring members of the National Guard and Reserves, employers can benefit from a highly disciplined workforce that continues to receive cutting-edge training from the U.S. military. But such employees are also granted unique protections in federal law, and if companies run afoul of those rules, significant legal liability could result. We will discuss how to best capitalize on Guard and Reserve talent, while respecting their rights and safeguarding your organization’s liability.

Skillbridge: Your best opportunity to connect with a top notch talent pool and strengthen your teams

The DoD Skillbridge program connects employers with service members, scheduled to soon leave the military, who work for the employer in an internship-like program. Not only do employers not have to pay the salary of program participants, who continue to receive paychecks from the military, they are actually prohibited from offering compensation. And Skillbridge gives both the service member and the employer a chance to test each other out before committing to a long-term position. This panel will discuss how to best take advantage of this program.


Closing Remarks

George Altman
Managing Director | VETS Indexes